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Ambassador Dickson Akor ILA 2017 Recipient

Ambassador Dickson Akor ILA 2017 Recipient

Ambassador Dickson Akor is a recipient of the Idoma Legends Award 2017

Sages made the time-honoured statement about the pedigree of ordinary mortals that populate the surface of the earth. Some, they philosophized, were born great; some have greatness thrust on them, while others achieve greatness. As for Amb. (Dr) Dickson Akoh, the truth is that he achieved greatness through dint of hardwork.

Akoh, who is from Ugboju in Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State, was born on the 10th July, 1973 in Lagos to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Ajonye, a retired army officer. Cut adrift as it were on the rough seas of life, the young Dickson knew he had only one way to go—UP and away from the skullduggery of life. He grabbed his paddle and with uncommon determination, took his canoe from, in a manner of speaking, Ajegunle all the way to Ikoyi.

Coming from a humble but decent background of deep commitment to wholesome human development, he has indeed been living up to the family reputation in his vision of life in its entirety and transformative agenda for the nation’s youths that have seemingly been left holding on to the short end of the stick in the nation’s scheme of affairs.

As a holder of B.SC (Hons) in Sociology from the University of Abuja and honorary Doctor of Philosophy (Humanities) of the Commonwealth University, Belize, it is no longer secret that Dickson Akoh cut his teeth in Leadership and Citizenship training quite early in life. Apart from been a Troop Leader with the Boys Scout Movement early in his journey of life, Akoh also served as the Zonal Leader for the International Red Cross Society in Benue State. Thereafter, he had a 4-year stint with the Nigerian Army Cadet Corps in Kaduna; attended several National and International youth Seminars, Workshops and Campings where he acquired certificates and experiences in policy making as it affects youths. He is equally vast in aspects of Security and Safety Measures; Peace and Conflict Resolution; Patriotism and Nation Building. He is a member of Conflict Resolution Stakeholders Network (CRESNET); a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Local Government and Public Administration of Nigeria.

As a matter of fact, one might not be too far from the truth to conclude that the idea of the formation of the octopoidal institution that is today known as Peace Corps of Nigeria on the 10th July, 1998, emanated from the enviable roles he played as a Troop Leader with the Boys Scout Movement and his stint with the military in Kaduna.

As a fearless and blunt speaker, who relishes in logic and common sense, Akoh’s tenacity for hardwork and self-esteem are well known. His analyses of issues are usually done with intellectual vigor. He does not argue just for the sake of it. He argues to prove that good argument like good wine will usually be embraced any day. He combines sagacity with fearlessness, a major reason why he has endured all manner of indignities and countless deprivations in the tiresome journey to ensure that PCN triumphs over the will of its myopic detractors. Unlike several other Nigerians who will rather prefer to call a spade a shovel in order to satisfy their selfish interests, Dr. Akoh, a man who is not given to equivocation, stands out from the motley crowd, preferring instead to be counted amongst those whose words are their bonds.

Akoh’s greatest asset is his patriotism and unyielding determination to give a positive direction to the nation’s youths via freeing them from the vice grip of unemployment. In an era where unemployment has given birth to criminality and other social vices, Dr. Akoh’s vision for the youth as encapsulated in his pet project, the PEACE CORPS OF NIGERIA deserves commendation and emulation.

Akoh, who is the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the National Youth Council in Nigeria; Associate Member of the International Biographical Centre, London, also has to his credit several awards amongst which are:          Ambassador of Peace; Fellowship, Institute of Chartered Trustees; Merit Award of Methodist Church of Nigeria; Integrity Award, Ugboju Progressive Association; MDG Ambassador, Teachers Without Borders; Youth Ambassador of Peace, Youth Federation for World Peace etc.

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Ochela, a fmr Newspaper Editor and Media Consultant sent in this piece from Abuja


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